In order to benefit from the globalization of trade, our customers and partners are looking for effective, responsive and creative support.

For 40 years, Africa Ports & Airports continues to evolve to consolidate its three areas of expertise:

  • Sea Transport,
  • Port Management,
  • And Logistics on two continents.

With more than 700 employees in 15 agencies, our group continues to expand its network and invests continuously in order to offer its clients customized logistics solutions whatever their issues. We have the agility and flexibility to adapt to your needs and we can meet all your requirements.

Africa Ports & Airports puts its wide range of services, its committed and field collaborators, and its strong partnerships at the service of your international ambition.


Jean-Jacques Grenier - Président Africa Ports & Airports
Vessel calls in 40 years
Agencies (7 in Europe
and 8 in Africa)
Partners in 100 countries

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Africa Ports – Airports is known for its ability to handle every detail of logistics and maritime, air and land transport needs. Our teams across Africa and Europe take care of everything…

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Qu’il s’agisse de groupes internationaux ou de PME locales, nos ambitions sont les mêmes : la qualité de service et la satisfaction de nos clients.


Quality has always been a constant concern of the Management in order to meet the needs of customers, and, in doing so, the group ensures the development of the business.
certifications demonstrate our professionalism in our different activities.
We have decided to strengthen the structure and culture of the company through an organization based on the ISO 9001 quality standards.

This step integrates the effective implementation of operational improvement, at all levels, for optimal efficiency.
Our Quality Management System is subject to regular reviews with the goal to maintain consistency, develop and improve practices.
The Executive Committee decides on efficiency and the eventual need for improvement.


15 Agencies (7 in Europe and 8 in Africa), 700 Employees,

18.000 Vessel calls in 40 years, 78 Partners in 100 countries

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